Sunday, February 13, 2011

Community of Faith

Us conservatives really scoffed at Hillary Clinton when she talked about how it took a village to raise a child. We railed against those liberals who wouldn't take personal responsibility for their own children. No wonder the world was going nowhere good, and going there fast.

This past week, I have been truly blessed with some extra special time with ladies from my church. At the first get together, I was trying to explain this article...

Basically, the article talks about parenting out of faith and not fear. It was a great conversation that really encouraged me.

Then last night, I got to tuck my son in to bed. We always pray with him. Everyday we pray for a different character quality using this list
When we got done praying my son got really concerned that a friend of his did not know Jesus. Wildcat just NEEDED to call his Sunday school teacher because she was just the right person to fix this situation. She talked to Wildcat and sure enough today, she made sure to investigate that situation. What a great lesson for Wildcat to learn. You can call on others in the body of Christ when you need help with your faith.

Today, after church a good percentage of our church went out to eat together. The men fellowshiped at one table, the teens at another, the kids at another, and the women at another. We got to pray for each other's needs. We laughed. We shared memories. And then tonight, I got to talk with Wildcat all about it and his interactions. We also discussed the lessons he had learned at church and how to apply those to daily life.

During all of this Kapooka and her friend were playing together. They were saying I love you to each other, helping each other up when they tripped, and sharing their toys (well most of the time). They were also discussing how most donkeys say eee-awwww, but the donkey in their sunday school lesson talked. All big stuff when you are 3.

All that to say, I am thankful for the chances my kids have to go to Sunday school and children's church. I am thankful for the workers that partner with me to teach my children. I am thankful that I am surrounded by like minded people that those programs are just a part of the spiritual training of my kids, but I am so thankful that they are a part. It might not take a village to raise Wildcat and Kapooka, but I sure couldn't do it without my church family.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I am Thankful For My Son's Public School

First, dear friends, let me say that I have done it all on the school spectrum. I have homeschooled. I have sent my child to a private Christian school. I have attended a private, non-religious college, and now my child is attending a public school. I truly believe that children are a gift, and that to teach them God's commands is the most important task that we have. However, I don't belive God always asks us to choose one way to go about doing that. I think each child has different needs. I think even the same child can have different needs as they go through different stages of development.

Our current situation is such that a quality Christian school is not nearby. So we are left with the option to homeschool or public school. We prayed and we prayed. Over and over the answer has come back to send our Wildcat to school. It has been HARD. It has been a change. However, it is good. Why? Let me share?

1. He is a lot more conscious of his friend choices. We talk a lot about character qualities of being a good friend. This didn't happen before.
2. His heart is growing in having a burden for those that are lost. He is also seeing sin and disliking it. He is sharing the gospel, and inviting friends to church.
3. The adjustment to our new town has been the hardest on our son. The counselor at the school is a Christian. She prays with him, and is basically his security blanket. She even came to our church on a Wednesday night just to check on him.
4. The librarian at the school goes to our church, and takes him to school every day. She even feeds him donuts on Fridays. He knows he can talk to her too about any issue at school. She prays with him too.
5. He is learning, and reading, and doing things that I could not provide at home, at least not with a toddler around. Other moms probably could. I can't.
6. He is making friends in his new town. Here, it is such a small town if you don't go to the school you are really on the outside.
7. He is learning that Mom and Dad are great people to talk to about your troubles and your questions that come up during the day. He is also learning about the power of prayer when we pray through his day every night. However, he is also learning the value of a faith community. He is seeking out Christian role models to help him throughout his day.

So, all that to say, is tonight I am thankful for all the people that work hard to educate my son every day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kapooka's Birthday

Kapooka's Princess Party. Kapooka with her Cousin H (who hung the moon in Pooka's eyes)

A fantastic cake delivered from Omaha. Thanks Uncle J and Aunt E!

This toy is great. It is like paper dolls, but wooden and magnetic. Both Wildcat and Kapooka loved having Grandma and Grandpa from the blue house here for the weekend.

The hit of the birthday. An indoor trampoline has been great with all the snow. Again, thanks Uncle J and Aunt E!

Some friends from church got Pooka her sock monkey. She loves it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Pictures

A movie and a MP3 player. He loves the MP3 player a lot.

Celebrating blowing out his double digit candles.

A fantastic cake ordered from the local bakery.
Wildcat's party was so easy. He wanted a cake from Renee's bakery, chips, and pop. He wanted plain paper plates and cups. We had his party at The One. It is a youth center in town that has Foosball, a pool table, air hockey, ping pong, and pinball. It happened to be really warm that day, so the boys even went over to the town square to try out Wildcat's soccer ball that he got as a present. All I had to do was stop any too rough horseplay and vacuum after everything was over.
I also got to snuggle Wildcat as he went to sleep on his birthday. That is our birthday tradition since I did that on the day of his birth. I am so glad he is my son.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Candlelight Service

Wildcat and Kapooka ready to go to our candlelight service at church. They take my breath away!

She loves getting her picture taken. I think she is gorgeous!

What a sweetie pie!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wichita Christmas

Kapooka's Cousin H. Such a beautiful young lady.

Someone really liked their present from Aunt Kari. I LOVE Christmas, and giving presents, so this hug made my day!

Here is the present that earned the hug!

Cousin L, Cousin M, Kapooka, Cousin B. They all had a great time playing in the afternoon and then opening presents in the evening. It is a blessing to get to see all of them more.

Kapooka was really excited to get this handmade doll quilt and pillow set from Cousin H.
I have lots more pictures, and this is just a sampling. But it was a very jolly day!

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