Sunday, February 13, 2011

Community of Faith

Us conservatives really scoffed at Hillary Clinton when she talked about how it took a village to raise a child. We railed against those liberals who wouldn't take personal responsibility for their own children. No wonder the world was going nowhere good, and going there fast.

This past week, I have been truly blessed with some extra special time with ladies from my church. At the first get together, I was trying to explain this article...

Basically, the article talks about parenting out of faith and not fear. It was a great conversation that really encouraged me.

Then last night, I got to tuck my son in to bed. We always pray with him. Everyday we pray for a different character quality using this list
When we got done praying my son got really concerned that a friend of his did not know Jesus. Wildcat just NEEDED to call his Sunday school teacher because she was just the right person to fix this situation. She talked to Wildcat and sure enough today, she made sure to investigate that situation. What a great lesson for Wildcat to learn. You can call on others in the body of Christ when you need help with your faith.

Today, after church a good percentage of our church went out to eat together. The men fellowshiped at one table, the teens at another, the kids at another, and the women at another. We got to pray for each other's needs. We laughed. We shared memories. And then tonight, I got to talk with Wildcat all about it and his interactions. We also discussed the lessons he had learned at church and how to apply those to daily life.

During all of this Kapooka and her friend were playing together. They were saying I love you to each other, helping each other up when they tripped, and sharing their toys (well most of the time). They were also discussing how most donkeys say eee-awwww, but the donkey in their sunday school lesson talked. All big stuff when you are 3.

All that to say, I am thankful for the chances my kids have to go to Sunday school and children's church. I am thankful for the workers that partner with me to teach my children. I am thankful that I am surrounded by like minded people that those programs are just a part of the spiritual training of my kids, but I am so thankful that they are a part. It might not take a village to raise Wildcat and Kapooka, but I sure couldn't do it without my church family.

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